Fujitsu Network Scan Box - fi-5000N

Fujitsu Network Scan Box - fi-5000N

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Model/Varenr.: PA03368-B001

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  • Scanner sharing reduces hardware and scanner administration costs:
    Sharing printers in a LAN environment at offices has become common practice. The fi-5000N uses the same general concept to enable many users to share "fi-series" (*2) high-speed scanners in a LAN environment. The result is lower hardware and scanner administration costs.
  • Fingerprint recognition guards against miss-sending scanned images:
    Use of network scanners and network devices that save or transmit digitized data based upon numerical keypad or LCD panel input may result in images being sent to the wrong computer. Unlike other network adapter products, the fi-5000N is loaded with fingerprint recognition technology; meaning that all users have to do to quickly and easily send scanned images to their computer is to touch the fingerprint sensor. Thus, not only does the fi-5000N provide peace of mind against mistransmissions, it boosts efficiency as well.

Supported scanners

  • fi-5110C
  • fi-4120C
  • fi-4120C2
  • fi-5120C
  • fi-4220C
  • fi-4220C2
  • fi-5220C
  • fi-6130[*1][*2]
  • fi-6230[*1][*2]
  • fi-6140[*1][*2]
  • fi-6240[*1][*2]
  • fi-4530C
  • fi-5530C
  • fi-5530C2 [*1]

[*1] Supported by Windows® 2000 onwards.
[*2]Please take note of the following when using the fi-5000N with fi-6240, fi-6140, fi-6230 or fi-6130 scanners:
It is necesary to update firmware for fi-5000N units with A0, A1 and D0 model revision numbers in order to support fi-6240, fi-6140, fi-6230 and fi-6130 scanners.
Refer to the Readme.pdf that has been saved in the setup CD-ROM (inside the fi-5000N folder) that comes included with fi-5000N network adapters.

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