Kodak i1405

Kodak i1405

20.000,00 DKK

Model/Varenr.: 8252843

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The KODAK i1405 Scanner is a strong contender in the departmental scanning segment. It will replace both i150 and i160 models with just one duplex scanner which is Kodak's most affordable ADF scanner with the capability to scan documents up to DIN A3.

The scanning speed it up to 45ppm (landscape) for bitonal, greyscale or colour output. PerfectPage image processing provides high image output quality, including background color smoothing, improved color accuracy, automatic color detection and much more.

The i1405 Scanner features Kodak’s Smart Touch Technology to scan to email, file, print, and upload images directly to Microsoft SharePoint or to other desktop locations. The new driver interface of the i1400 Series Scanners is Windows 7 compatible.

Top features
  • Handles all kinds of documents ranging from card stock to onionskin
  • Ultrasonic double feed control
  • Output resolution 75, 100, 150, 200, 240, 300, 400, 600 and 1200 dpi
  • Five output options: black-and-white, greyscale or colour, plus dual stream simultaneous output (colour and black-and-white or greyscale and black-and-white)
  • Easy connectivity and fast image transfer with USB 2.0 interface
Working environment:

With the ability to handle documents in virtually any size or condition, the KODAK i1405 Scanner brings flexibility, ease of use and enhanced Perfect Page image quality to your tabletop business scanning. The i1405 model is suitable for departmental applications up to 9 000 sheets per day.

Delivery includes
  • TWAIN, ISIS, SANE and Windows Imaging Architecture Drivers
  • AC Adapter and USB 2.0 connection cable
  • Kodak Capture Desktop Software
  • Kodak Smart Touch


Available Accessories
  • A4 black imaging background accessory
  • User replaceable consumables
  • Cleaning articles
  • Kodak Capture Pro software for Group C scanners
  • Kofax VRS Professional for Workgroup scanning
  • Kofax Express Workgroup



Billeder pr. minut (IPM) 68
Sider pr. minut (PPM) 34
Sort / Hvid Ja
Farve Ja
Kofax VRS Ready
Simplex Ja
Duplex Ja
Max. opløsning 600 dpi
FireWire Nej
Daglig mængde 2000
Arkføder kapacitet 110
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