Kodak i4600

Kodak i4600

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Model/Varenr.: 1443589
The KODAK i4600 Scanner is an extremely easy to use production scanner for both experienced operators and occasional users. i4600 offers landscape scanning speeds up to 120ppm for bitonal or greyscale and 90ppm for colour. Kodak’s Perfect Page Technology provides consistent, high image quality and tree ultrasonic sensors reliably detect double feeds so you won’t lose an image.
A feature offered for the first time on a Kodak scanner is Sure Stack. This enables users to scan mixed documents at high speed whilst still keeping them neatly sorted in the output tray, helping to significantly improving post scanning processes.
The i4600 Scanner features Kodak’s Smart Touch Technology to scan to email, file, print, and upload images directly to Microsoft SharePoint or to other desktop locations.

Top features

  • Smallest scanner in its class with a 500 sheet elevator 
  • Controlled stacking provides productivity for operators
  • Straight-through paper path for manual feeding
  • Intelligent Ultrasonic double feed control with 3 independent sensors
  • 5 output formats (bitonal, greyscale, colour, bitonal/greyscale, bitonal/colour)
  • Easy connectivity and fast image transfer with USB 2.0 interface
Working environment:

The i4600 Scanner serves as true production scanner and combines a large feeder with compact and ergonomic design. Kodak recommends the i4600 for scan volumes up to 50.000 pages per day. The i4000 Series can handle all kinds of documents, scanning with either a c-shape transport or straight-through paper path.

Delivery includes
  • TWAIN, ISIS and Windows Imaging Architecture drivers
  • AC Adapter and USB 2.0 connection cable
  • Kodak Capture Desktop software
  • Kodak Smart Touch

Available Accessories

  • Kodak Printer Accessory for i4000 Scanner Series
  • Kodak Capture Pro software for Group E scanners
  • Kofax VRS Professional for Production scanning
  • Kofax Express Mid-Volume Production



Billeder pr. minut (IPM) 190
Sider pr. minut (PPM) 95
Sort / Hvid Ja
Farve Ja
Kofax VRS Ready
Simplex Ja
Duplex Ja
Max. opløsning 600 dpi
FireWire Nej
Daglig mængde 10000
Arkføder kapacitet 500
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